Protection for consumers under attack by Liberal Government

Shadow Attorney General Lara Giddings said today the Liberal Government has been caught out preparing to scale back vital services provided by the office of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading.


“The cuts to consumer protection are not only a threat to jobs but will take away the basic rights of consumers seeking a fair go,” Ms Giddings said.


“The very real risk is there will be less protection for people purchasing goods and services.


“We need to retain and enforce strong consumer laws because they save lives.


“Is is through the Consumer Affairs office that issues, some life threatening, are raised and dangerous or inferior products can be dealt with quickly.


“Vanessa Goodwin today refused to guarantee services and jobs in the consumer affairs office will be maintained after cutting its budget by more than a million dollars.


“Ms Goodwin is now openly admitting the Government is planning to reduce services to oversee consumer purchasing laws because of its flawed budget cuts.


“If the Commonwealth refuses to fund services in the future Ms Goodwin simply says they will be scaled down.


“The Federal Liberals continue to thumb their noses at Tasmania, so what makes Ms Goodwin think she will have any better success than her colleagues in getting funding?


“The Government’s blasé approach is an affront to the rights of all Tasmanian consumers.”