Library budget cuts another blow to the legal profession

Shadow Attorney-General Lara Giddings is deeply concerned by the Liberal Government’s cuts to law library services.


“This is yet another cut the Liberals failed to mention before the election,” Ms Giddings said.


“It is another example of the services the Government is cutting to pay for $400 million worth of irresponsible and unaffordable election promises.


“The law libraries across the state play an important support role to all in the legal profession.


“The arrogance of the Liberal Government means it has failed to consult with the Law Society, a joint funding partner in delivering the library services, before making the decision to withdraw state funding.


“At a time when Legal Aid is chronically underfunded, sacking the law library librarians is another blow to the legal community.


“The legal system and regional Tasmania is being severely let down by the Liberal Government which continues to remove vital services.


“The Liberals say the work could be absorbed by either the University of Tasmania or the State Library, but it’s my understanding that neither has been consulted and the State Library has already said no.


“If Vanessa Goodwin is intent on making savings, integration of the integrated Law Library and Judges Library at the Supreme Court should be seen as the maximum change.”