Liberals planning reforms nothing more than a policy slogan

Shadow Planning Minister Lara Giddings said today the Liberal’s planning policy was simply a tricky re-badging of reforms already well advanced under the previous government.


“If they haven’t already, Tasmanians will eventually see through the Liberal Government’s attempt to dress up their policy slogan as real reform.


“We already have 100 per cent consistency across the state with the template, that is, the zones and basic structure and 90 per cent consistency at the regional level with the detail that sits within the template.


“Mr Gutwein today admitted that there will never be 100 per cent consistency state-wide as planning provisions will apply differently in areas like Battery Point and Penguin in order to protect their heritage or other unique attributes.


“Mr Gutwein is simply playing around the edges of the planning scheme, re-badging the work already done.


“The fact is the vast majority of planning applications are for residential developments which already have a single template through PD4.”


“Tasmanian councils have worked extremely hard to achieve new planning schemes consistent with a State-wide planning template delivered under the previous government, yet get no thanks or recognition from Mr Gutwein.”


Ms Giddings said the critical issue in planning now was the draconian plans by the Government to take away peoples’ appeal rights.


“This is one of the smoking guns of the Liberals plan because people will be forced to forfeit their rights because of the costs,” Ms Giddings said.