Your home is no longer your castle

The consequences of the Liberals’ callous changes to planning appeals have been revealed during Budget Estimates.


Shadow Planning Minister Lara Giddings says the Government’s approach favours big business and disadvantages local residents.


“The Liberals are about to create a very uneven playing field,” Ms Giddings said.


“Mums and dads who wish to lodge a planning appeal against a project over their back fence will be automatically hit with costs if they’re unsuccessful.


“The Liberals need to understand that appellants trying to protect their amenity and valuation of their homes are not criminals.


“In reality, people will be too scared to stand up for their rights.


“Corporations will be able to dangle the prospect of huge court costs in front of potential appellants due to their ability to take on the risk of paying for expensive expert advice.


“The law already provides deterrents for vexatious appeals.


“Just like the anti-protest legislation, the Liberals are going way too far.


“Peter Gutwein must immediately rethink these unfair changes before everyday Tasmanians lose their right to appeal.