Policy flip on medicinal cannabis welcomed

Shadow Attorney-General Lara Giddings has welcomed Health Minister Michael Ferguson’s backflip on the issue of medicinal cannabis.


“It’s taken too long for the Minister to come to this position but Labor warmly welcomes the major policy shift,” Ms Giddings said.


“Now we wait to see evidence that the Government is prepared to match its words with leadership and tangible actions.


“Companies can conduct clinical trials in Tasmania with state ministerial approval. However, legalising medical cannabis requires national Therapeutic Goods Administration approval.


“For real change to occur the Premier must push for national reform by putting this issue on the COAG agenda.


“This issue is far too important for the Liberal Government to adopt a passive approach.


“Tasmanians who have been demanding common sense on medicinal cannabis should be proud of the pressure they’ve applied to government.


“People like Nicole Cowles and Natalie Daley shouldn’t underestimate the influence they’ve had when it comes to this issue.


“By sharing their stories, momentum for change has continued to grow.”