Hodgman not listening to constituents on medicinal cannabis

The Hodgman Liberal Government continues to show how heartless it is when it comes to medicinal cannabis.


Today in question time Premier Will Hodgman was asked why he had not responded to invitations to meet with Nicole Cowles, who gives her daughter Alice medicinal cannabis to stop Alice’s epileptic fits.


Ms Cowles wrote to her local Franklin member, Mr Hodgman, more than a month ago and again in the past week.


Shadow Attorney-General Lara Giddings asked Mr Hodgman in Question Time to commit to meeting Ms Cowles.


“Will Hodgman not only wouldn’t commit to a meeting, he refused to even say Nicole’s name,” Ms Giddings said.


“It was a cold, ignorant and heartless response to a simple question – will you meet with Nicole?


“Instead Will Hodgman played the politics of the issue, attacking Labor when he should be listening to his constituents.


“In NSW, Liberal Premier Mike Baird met with Daniel Haslam, who has terminal cancer, to hear his story.


“After that meeting Mr Baird declared he would support legalisation to legalise medicinal cannabis.


“Will Hodgman should respond to Nicole, meet with her and hear her story and talk about how he, as Premier and her local member, can help her.”


Today Labor tabled 5000 signatures from Tasmanians supporting a trial of medicinal cannabis with thousands more to be tabled in coming sittings.